Unlock AT&T iPhone With New Express Service from Keys2iPhone

[MobilePRwire] – Keys2iPhone – leader in iPhone unlocking, has announced a new express service that will provide an unlocking code for any At&t iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S within just 3 business days or less.

Making headlines once again, Keys2iPhone takes unlocking to the next level with their express At&t unlock service. Flying out in a few days to a different county? Ready to use iPhone on a network abroad? Then this service will be your best bet. The team has streamlined the process with same day IMEI submissions so iPhone users can get their codes ASAP without any delays and hassle.

At&t has reinforced their polices regarding mobile device unlocking to prevent bulk unlocks for people who do not qualify or meet their requirements. These requirements are in place to make sure people complete their contracts on subsidized devices before switching over to a different carrier within the U.S.

It is a different matter when one has to unlock for travel purposes. In fact the Keys2iPhone’s Facebook Poll showed that over 70% of iPhone owners request an unlock code in order to be able to use their devices abroad and save money on roaming charges. In fact, these users, according to the Keys2iPhone customer satisfaction surveys, are happy to get back on the At&t’s fastest 4G LTE network once they are back in the states.

The company has announced that new express service only takes about 3 business days which is much faster than their leading competition. Some cases may take a bit longer, especially if your iPhone I still under contract as stricter conditions have to be met. But overall, customers who have been with At&t for more than a year, who have not been late on monthly service payments are all eligible for a factory unlock for travel and leisure. Out-of-contract customers can also get speedy unlocks without having to wait for days or go through loops of At&t’s customer support team.

Will the iPhone work on a different network?

As a rule, At&t’s iPhones – new and older models, are compatible with most GSM networks worldwide. You may not have the fastest data wherever 4G connection is not available or the network operates on a different frequency, in which case 3G data will be available. As a precaution, CDMA networks do not support At&t’s GSM iPhones due to differences in wireless technology.

How about T-Mobile is US?

The T-Mobile network is compatible with At&t’s iPhone models starting with iPhone 5 and 5S/C. Earlier models like iPhone 4S will also work fine on T-Mobile though in some areas where T-Mobile has not yet deployed their new 4G infrastructure, one may be limited to 3GS data speeds.

Keys2iPhone – leading carrier iPhone unlocking codes provider.

Read the full press release at MobilePRwire.com

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