Unlocking Monetization for App Discovery Platforms

[MobilePRwire] – After an exhaustive analysis of the top 70 app discovery and app review platforms, GeoRiot – a global affiliation linking service, has found that almost all are reliant on generating revenue by advertising but don’t leverage affiliate marketing as a secondary revenue stream. Out of the 70 tested, only 40% were using any affiliated links at all, and only a single site had configured internationalization of those links correctly.

“What many of the discovery and review sites, apps, social channels and blogs are missing is that they are in a unique situation to open up a secondary revenue stream,” says Jesse Lakes, a former Global Program/Product Manager at Apple for the iTunes Affiliate Program and the co-founder and CEO of GeoRiot. “Using affiliate links, instead of raw links to iTunes or Amazon, doesn’t impact the user experience but does o¬pen up an additional revenue for an activity they are already doing – sending users into the app stores for something they are interested in.”

Lakes explains that these affiliate programs work by offering sites and applications that send traffic to the digital stores a percentage of whatever that traffic purchases during a period of time.

“The perfect alignment for App Discovery and Review platforms with the affiliate program is that they have a common goal – sending users into the App Store. This makes it very easy for these discovery platforms to make additional income for something they’re already doing, just by signing up for the affiliate programs and updating your links,” mentions Lakes Jesse from GeoRiot’s Seattle office.

However, there are some challenges with the programs. The first is that the “Affiliate Program” is actually a collection of programs that cover 88 countries and is managed by multiple affiliate networks, each requiring unique parameter formatting for their links.

A second challenge is the fact that Apple’s “iTunes Store” and “App Store” are really a combination of 155 country-specific, and often unique, storefronts. The challenge presented here is that a specific item may have different IDs in different storefronts. This means consumers may not see the item they are seeking if they’re in a storefront where that item uses a different ID.

Amazon’s “Associates Program” has a similar issue with ten different affiliate programs among their 13 international storefronts.

“Using the multiple affiliate programs correctly can significantly increase your revenues. We’ve seen up to a “four X” increase for some companies with most doubling their commissions by properly managing their links for international traffic,” Lakes states.

GeoRiot provides industry leading affiliate linking capabilities to app developers, music labels and Internet marketers. With a single, unified link, global traffic for Amazon, iTunes and the App Store is directed to the appropriate, geo-specific item in a user’s local storefront to improve international user experience. Additionally, the GeoRiot service allows its clients to leverage the many country-specific affiliate programs simultaneously, typically doubling their affiliate commissions. GeoRiot has served over 2 billion clicks for hundreds of clients worldwide.

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