Updated Version of Electronics VSB Now Available

[MobilePRwire] – MVE Systems Inc., is announcing the update of its recently released Electronics Virtual Smart Book (VSB) version 1.03. The new version of Electronics VSB is now available and packed with more content: 10 lessons that range from the basic concepts of electronics and electricity, circuits, diagrams, to common electronic components and how they work, to building electronic projects.

It is designed to help students understand the knowledge and concept behind anything that’s electricity-driven, as well as a tool for teachers seeking new techniques through engaging videos, high quality motion graphics and animation, comprehensive quizzes and interactive laboratory exercises.

Eric Manalac, the Chief Technology Officer of MVE Systems, Inc., invites fellow students and educators to check out the enhanced version that can be viewed from home on desktop or anywhere from phones or mobile devices. “You don’t have to be a math whiz to take this course. The lessons provided here are meant for those who don’t know where to begin.” says Manalac.

The Electronics VSB can be downloaded for free and is available across all platforms such as PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. Since its first release in January, it has received five-star reviews from users and has earned the highest number of downloads among the VSB course titles.

“This app is fantastic, as it allows you to model circuits and test them without having to buy the components.Well done to all of you who designed this app.” says one user from Ireland.

MVE Systems, Inc. will continue to create more content, and release more educational apps for a world-class quality academic content for everyone, everywhere, in the hope of promoting its vision of “equality of opportunity through education”.

MVE Systems, Inc. is a premium provider of Technology Solutions for Government, Services, Industry, and Education, and a Google Reseller, with an office in Palo Alto, CA.

Our online academic curriculum, Eric’s High School Experience began December 2012, and offers a free K-12 curriculum that can be viewed at home on desktop, or accessed anywhere on your phone or mobile device. The coursework of EricsHS.com… is provided through a platform called Virtual Smart Books, a synthesis of world-class education, and world-class presentation.

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