Voice to Tasks and Reminders plus location reminders

[MobilePRwire] – This is SPLISTER 2.0 (SPeech LISTER)!
Use voice recognition to create a list and multiple list items, reminders or notes with ONE easy voice command! Unlike other voice list apps that require you to click a button to create a list then multiple clicks to add each list item , SPLISTER does all this in ONE voice command step. Dictate a list of tasks or items to SPLISTER from a written list or off the top of your head in no time!

To create a new list you would simply tap the microphone icon in SPLISTER and say:

“list groceries, put bread, put eggs, put milk , put bread , put ice cream, save it.”

You just created a list in 10 seconds that is now stored in your phone and ready to go to the store with you, shared via Email, or synced to your Google Tasks!

You will also never leave a store again and say to yourself: “I forgot to buy something!” With SPLISTER’s geolocation reminders, you will know as soon as you are near that store, that you have to buy a certain item there.

Features include; Geolocation Reminders for tasks, syncing with Google Tasks and Calendar, voice Calendar Event reminders, voice notes, voice search, repeating reminders ,full monthly weekly and daily views for your calendar, share your lists of tasks via email and bluetooth, list grouping, tasks notes, task sorting, task indenting (to create task categories), note text styling , plus any Voice actions can be completed manually as well.

OneSix Development

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