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RevontuletSoft releases new music app

The developer of music focused apps, RevolunetSoft, has released its latest addition to the Google Play store, Walk Band. This innovative and interactive app allows users to create their own music on the go and features a variety of instruments and tools specifically tailored for the Android. In addition to the features included with the app, Walk Band allows users to connect and work with external keyboards through a convenient and easy to use USB feature allowing for a more extensive and in depth use of the app’s various tools.

Features include:

Realistic instrument sound
Multi-track synthesizer
Drum machine
Full 88 key piano
Midi keyboard support
Online games

With over 50 million downloads from the Google Play store already, Walk Band’s developers are confident that the app will only continue to gain popularity among a widespread and diverse audience of musicians and music lovers alike. The Chinese company is quickly becoming a leader in the creation and development of music-focused apps around the world and gaining a reputation for producing detailed, well thought out, and innovative apps for a variety of Android devices.

About RevontuletSoft

RevontuletSoft is a growing developer of Android apps and interactive digital music media. The Chinese company specializes in the creation of digital software for both entertainment and educational purposes. With a growing list of apps available, the company is quickly becoming a leader in digital media and entertainment

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