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[MobilePRwire] – Dim Sum Lab has officially released What The Foto (WTF) “version 1.0.5”, the latest update to the fun and additive photo guessing game on the iOS App Store. Significant improvements had been made to “version 1.0.5” of the game, which allow random players game under “Battle Mode”. This latest update will provide hours of fun and entertainment to you, your friend, and more!

Dim Sum Lab has officially released What The Foto (WTF) latest update (version 1.0.5) to the iOS App Store today. Dim Sum Lab is the proud papas of Dim Sum Story, featured in Mobile Choice’s ‘App Watch’ 2012, Dim Sum Lab have since changed tack from their food-loving origins to offer iPhone users, a guessing game that uniquely utilises the smartphone camera and/or photo library.

WHAT THE FOTO (WTF): YOU CALL THE SHOTS. A photo guessing game that uniquely utilises the smartphone camera and or photo library.

HOW TO FOTO: In ‘Open’ Mode, users simply snap a photograph, slice it up in panels of their choice, add some funky filters, and have friends guess the photo in a limited number of letter tiles. Users may even leave a hint to help your friends in the guessing process.

‘Battle’ mode allows users to go head-to-head, guessing from a number of pre-made photos from the Dim Sum Lab stockpile. Users can choose from different categories, including Flags, Animals, Sports and Food… Yes, we didn’t forget food. See if you can spot the DIM SUM.

More panels, filters and categories can be ‘bought’ using the gems or tokens earned after successful games.

WTF offers a completely uninhibited gaming experience by allowing users to decide how and what they would like to showcase to their friends, family and loved ones. WTF then only becomes as fun as the user makes it, and can provoke questions like: What did Santa get you for Xmas? What kind of flowers did he surprise you with? Is it a boy or a girl?! Where the hell are you? And our ideal: WTF is that?!

In essence, WTF becomes a gaming platform for infinite picto-possibilities. The user sets the tone and personalises the experience with any photograph or picture they desire.


– Using the CAMERA or LIBRARY feature on the smartphone to bring users a personal or intimate gaming experience with friends.

– ‘OPEN GAMES’ to invite friends off Facebook to guess your recently snapped picture. Collect TOKENS in every game.

– ADJUST DIFFICULTY at the beginning of every game with more complex panels or distorted filters.

– BATTLE for head-to-head game using READY-MADE images from Dim Sum Lab collection and categories.


– Variety of FILTERS to choose from – including Sepia, Sketch, Sobel, Circle Blur, Amatoria, Line Blur, Swirl, Posterise. Shop for more panels, filters and categories using tokens.

About Dim Sum Lab Dim Sum Lab Ltd., is a Hong Kong based mobile game developer. Its aim is to design fun and entertaining games for gamers and non-gamers alike. Established in 2011, Dim Sum Lab has been hard at work crafting games for the iOS market. For more information, please visit us at: www.dimsumlab.com… or follow us at: www.facebook.com… and www.twitter.com…

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