When in Rome – a new time management game for Android

[MobilePRwire] – Realore is proud to announce the release of its brand new resource-management title When in Rome on Android devices. This game was previously created for the PC and Mac platforms and topped the charts of major casual game portals. With its release on Android devices When in Rome brings the experience of managing settlements on the frontier of the Roman Empire to mobile devices and even broader audience.

The plot of this casual strategy takes players to the Ancient Rome and tells a story of Flavius, a noble Roman warrior who has to retire. After being wounded in a great battle he no longer can perform his military duties. Meanwhile, Rome prospers and the Emperor decides to expand the territories. Flavius is proposed a respectable position of an instructor. His new mission is to oversee the construction of settlements in the far corners of the great Empire and take care of farming lands. Happy to be useful to his county in his new role Flavius heads to the distant and beautiful provinces.

In terms of gameplay When in Rome is a casual resource-management title well-known to the fans of other Realore classics such as Northern Tale and Roads of Rome. Players control a group of settlers who gather resources and build camps and cities. During the course of the game players visit 4 different types of locations and test their skills exploring 41 challenging levels.

Realore (www.realore.com…) is a software company that has been creating and publishing casual, social games, games for mobile phones and other platforms (flash, Mac, Pocket PC, Nintendo DS, iPhone, iPad) since 2002. The company has published more than 60 titles and won fans all over the world. Today Realore is known as a successful developer and publisher that provides a full range of services including games’ production, distribution and marketing. Its ultimate mission is to create high quality entertainment software that will bring fun and relaxation to players of all ages.

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