Women no longer have excuse for forgetting their pill

[MobilePRwire] – Bouqt.com Ltd, has released today an Android compatible contraception reminder app, myPill®, available at the Google Play store for free download. myPill’s current 150,000 active iOS users have shown to have significantly lower average of missed pills, only 14.7% of them have forgotten their pill at least once a month, while the world average stands on 58%, according to studies.

Up until today, myPill® was available only for iOS users, where it has 150 thousand active users, each opens the app daily to mark a taken pill, or periodically indicate a contraceptive ring or contraceptive patch replacement.

Research conducted electronically over 3000 random active users that used the app more than 100 days, has found that 42% of them have never missed a pill, while 16.4% have missed a pill once over an average period of 163 days.

With a smartphones market share of 75%, Android owners are the majority of smartphone users, along with iOS’s 16% this release makes an important milestone in providing a solution for all smartphone owners.

While myPill® for iOS supports the pill as well as contraceptive ring and contraceptive patch, the initial Android version will support only the pill. More contraception methods are planned to be added in the near future.

Bouqt.com Ltd was founded by a newlyweds couple that quit their jobs as software engineers, to start their own mobile apps business. Bouqt focuses on creating very useful, great looking and easy to use mobile apps targeted for women.

Read the full press release at MobilePRwire.com

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