World’s First Android-based Propane Gauge for Camp Grills

Do have enough propane to grill those Burgers and Hot Dogs? Check your tanks first with the Camp Grill Propane Gauge, the world’s first and only Android-based propane gauge for portable camp grills, lanterns and heaters.

Nitz Associates, a leader in tank measurement technology, today announced the world’s first Android-based Propane Gauge for 1 pound (16.4 oz) portable propane cylinders commonly used in camp grills, lanterns and heaters.

With an Android, the Camp Grill Propane Gauge app and a quick tap on the tank, smartphone campers can be certain they will have enough propane to grill their best camp chow and plenty of light to see what they’re cooking.

Camp Grill Propane Gauge from Nitz Associates uses sophisticated Acoustic Signature Analysis software to quickly and easily test the amount of fuel in a standard 16.4 ounce propane cylinder. Simply tap the middle of a propane tank with a quarter, your knuckle or the smartphone itself, Camp Grill Propane Gauge listens for the sound of the tank, calculates the amount of propane inside and graphically displays the result. The app includes a logging feature to track propane use over time and a demo capability to impress your friends when a cylinder isn’t available.

Priced at only $0.99, Camp Grill Propane Gauge for Android is the fastest and simplest way to measure how much propane is in a cylinder. To ensure a tasty and successful meal at the campsite, picnic or tailgater, test your propane cylinders before heading out.

Camp Grill Propane Gauge is available for download now at the Google Play app store.

Nitz Associates also offers the BBQ TankMeter Propane Gauge for testing larger 20 pound tanks used at home, on boats and on travel trailers. BBQ TankMeter was chosen by Popular Mechanics magazine as one of the top 5 Grilling accessories of 2013. A free Android app, the BeerMeter from Nitz Associates uses the same Acoustic Signature Analysis technology to measure and display the amount of liquid in a standard 16 oz. pint beer glass.

BBQ TankMeter costs $2.46 and is available for download at Google Play.

BeerMeter is available for free download at Google Play.

Camp Grill Propane Gauge, BBQ TankMeter and BeerMeter operate on all Android smartphones and Android tablets that have a built-in speaker and microphone.

Nitz Associates, Inc. designs and manufactures automated tank measurement equipment and software for the fluid storage and bulk transportation industries. Leveraging expertise in software, electronic instrumentation, industrial control and wireless technologies, Nitz Associates has developed proprietary Acoustic Signature Analysis technology that enables non-intrusive measurement of liquid storage and surge tank levels in wide variety applications.

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