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[MobilePRwire] – Creative Collage “On Google Play” lets you present hundreds of photos in a single image. Creative Collage is the only mobile device app that allows the user to use as many images as the devices memory will allow. This gives the app user the potential to present hundreds of photos as they choose and perform custom color correction and select images for unique backgrounds. Creative Collage has great custom and unique photo editing tools that allows you to save to your gallery and share.

What makes us different?
Cc gives options to place images where the users choose, hand cut and blend images, created geometric framing, and color correct each photo independently. A custom text feature gives the user the option to add titles and descriptions to collages.

How does our app help people in an interesting way?
Cc lets you create an entire vacation, wedding, beach party, birthday, and everything else you can think of as a sharing collage for all to see in a single image. You can share your creativity and special memories in one great collage.

What is new, unique, or surprising about our app?
Cc has advanced color correction tools, a professional style color equalizer, custom background color creator or the option to use images as background, and experimental hand cut and blending options. Other basic options are cropping, rotating, zooming in and out, boarders and frame sizing, and saving to device gallery.

How can Creative Collage impact peoples lives?
This Photography app has it all. The user can share projects with clients, film professionals can present photos of their work and actors can present multiple looks. Students can present art projects as a photo presentation . Family members can share all their special moments whether near or far.
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Creative Collage is on Google Play ™.

Bionic Grip Tech. is the mobile device app developer to give all who love photography more tools to explore their creativity.

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